Walnut Valley Honey Company is a small family-run beekeeping operation in Little Rock, Arkansas. We keep our own honey bees, and manage them as gently as we know how.  We also supply bee hives to help pollinate local community gardens.


Our raw honey is as fresh and pure as the bees themselves make it.  Our candles are also 100% pure beeswax.  And all of our luxurious personal care products are hand-crafted in small batches from the finest responsibly sourced ingredients we can find.  We have developed our own recipes and continually work to improve our products.


We care about our bees, and appreciate all they do for us.  We value the high quality ingredients in our products and the results they produce. We know you will too.


© 2020 Walnut Valley Honey Company

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If you live in Central Arkansas or plan to visit, you can find a selection of our products at these locations:

Bemis Honey Bee Farm

13516 Asher Rd,
Little Rock, AR 72206

The Bramble Market

9325 Ferndale Cutoff

 Little Rock, AR 72223

Olde Crow General Store

17202 Highway 5
Benton, AR 72019