Pure Raw Honey


We harvest this sticky golden goodness right from our own gently managed bee hives, so we know it's as pure and natural as the bees that made it.  We bottle only our own 100% pure raw honey, and we sell it directly to you.  Fresh honey is a seasonal product, and supplies are limited.  When we're sold out, you'll just have to wait until next year.  with one taste, though, you'll know it's worth waiting for!

We do strain out bits of wax after the extracting process to ensure a clean and handsome product for you, but otherwise we never filter, heat, or pasteurize our honey.  Raw honey needs no other processing, and ours contains all the beneficial enzymes, local pollen, and other goodness you're looking for.  Real honey is naturally sterile and antiseptic, and has been used as both a sweetener and a traditional medicine for centuries.

All honey will eventually crystallize, and raw honey tends to do so a little more rapidly due to the included pollen grains.  If your honey has begun to crystallize, it has not spoiled!  Gently heat your jar of honey in warm water (never over than 100°F) to melt the crystals, or just use it as is.  Creamy crystallized honey can be spread on your toast or dissolved in your tea.  But really, if your honey is sitting around long enough to crystallize, then you simply aren't eating enough honey! 


Enjoy it while it's fresh, then get some more! 

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The following fine print is required by the Arkansas Food Freedom Act
"This product was produced in a private residence that is exempt from state licensing and inspection. This product may contain allergens."