Lip Balm

Our lip balms are handcrafted in small batches, according to our own balanced recipe.  They aren't too greasy, and they don't leave a waxy residue.  Each is made with natural beeswax and nourishing plant oils and butters.  They seal in natural moisture, and perfectly smooth, soothe and protect chapped lips.  Each tube contains 0.14 ounces.

Lotion Bars

Our rich and luxurious moisturizing lotion bars melt gently at the touch of your warm skin, to soothe and replenish your discerning epidermis.  Creamy and dreamy with pleasant, delicate fragrances that don't overpower.  Packaged to be conveniently portable without a mess, in a reusable tin.  Available in a variety of fragrances, each bar is 1.2 ounces, and will last a long time, even with regular use.